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Analysis of the importance of power take-off in truck-mounted crane

Good quality G101 G102 Gear Pump for sales
Good quality G101 G102 Gear Pump for sales
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Company News
Analysis of the importance of power take-off in truck-mounted crane
Analysis of the importance of power take-off in truck-mounted crane


Although the quality of the truck-mounted crane is good, it has no power itself, so for normal use, it is through the spline combination of the gear and the output shaft of the power take-off. The output power from the gearbox passes through the output shaft of the power take-off The drive shaft connected to the edge drives the oil pump of the truck. If there is a problem with the power take-off, it will be difficult for the crane to work properly. Generally, the following problems occur in power take-offs:


1. The gear is worn or the gasket between the power take-off and the gearbox is too thick, making an abnormal noise;


2. The gasket between the power take-off and the transmission is too thin, the center distance becomes shorter, the rotation is difficult, and the gear or the power take-off shell is easily damaged;


3. The power take-off cannot be engaged, and the power take-off cannot be engaged. The general cause of failure is due to low air pressure in the system or a malfunction of the circuit. First check whether the pressure of the air pressure gauge on the control panel reaches 0.6MPa, if it is lower than this value, you should check whether the gas path is blocked or whether the control switch is open. If the air pressure is normal, when the power take-off is hung, the hydraulic system has no reaction and no sound, it must be the switch circuit of the power take-off of the truck, you can use a multimeter to check whether the circuit is unblocked to eliminate the fault. When an abnormal noise is heard when the power take-off is hung, it must be a failure of the power take-off. At this time, stop the engine of the truck crane and overhaul the power take-off.


PTO, the abbreviation of Power Take Off, is one or more sets of variable speed gears, also known as power output. It is generally composed of a gear box, clutch, and controller, and is connected to the low gear of the gearbox or the output shaft of the auxiliary box. It is connected to the input shaft of a power take-off device such as a lift pump. It is a separate gear in the gearbox. When this gear is engaged, the lift pump can be operated as soon as the throttle is turned on.

Power take-offs are generally connected to the drive shaft or directly connected to the gear pump. In Europe and North America, there are many types of power take-offs due to their diverse designs. Because power take-off manufacturers have designed different interfaces at the output of the power take-off to meet the needs of different types of interfaces, all customers must provide their own power take-off models when choosing truck-mounted cranes.


Dynaco Hydraulic's PTO1000 and PTO2000 have been used in America market for many years and have won the trust of customers.



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